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Springer Rescue for Scotland rescues and re-homes Spaniels across Scotland

Springer Rescue Scotland (SRS) is a Scottish charity founded in 2008 to champion the welfare and rehoming of Spaniels. Holding Charitable Status since 2009, SRS is dedicated to ensuring that every Spaniel in Scotland finds a loving home and that their owners have enriching experiences. They achieve this through a network of volunteers, comprehensive assessment, veterinary care, and responsible ownership education. While primarily Scotland-focused, they extend their help to the wider UK and Ireland when it’s in the dogs’ best interests. SRS embodies a non-judgmental approach, providing a safe haven for Spaniels in need and promoting their well-being with unwavering commitment.

Join Our Mission - Make a Difference Today!

At Springer Rescue Scotland, our dedication to Spaniels, especially those in need, is unwavering. With rising costs and limited fundraising due to the ongoing challenges, your support is essential. By donating, you directly impact the lives of these incredible dogs, covering vital expenses such as vet care, transportation, and education. Every pound counts: £10 buys leads, collars, and toys, while £400 can cover a Spaniel’s complete rescue journey. Your contribution matters, and we’ll honour your support with a special Donation Certificate. Join us in making a positive impact on these Spaniels’ lives; click the donation buttons on this page and be a lifeline today!

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