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About Springer Rescue for Scotland

Nurturing Hearts, Homes, and Happy Tails for Springer Spaniels Across Scotland

Springer Rescue Scotland (SRS) is a compassionate and dedicated charitable organisation with a mission deeply rooted in the welfare and rehoming of Springer Spaniels.


Established in late 2008 by a group of individuals driven by their love for this remarkable breed, SRS was founded upon the belief that Scotland needed a rescue organisation that could provide a safe haven for these beloved dogs.


In 2009, SRS achieved Charitable Status (Registered Scottish Charity, No: SC040565), affirming its commitment to the betterment of Springer Spaniels’ lives. The organisation is governed by a Board of Trustees and overseen by a Management Committee, led by Dr Charles Saunders. SRS marked its inaugural success by rehoming its first Springer in December 2008, a heartwarming gift of a new home for Christmas.

Our Aims and Objectives

Springer Rescue for Scotland is a breed-specific rescue organisation, proudly based in Scotland, with a clear and noble mission. Our primary goals are twofold: to ensure that every Springer Spaniel in Scotland is given the opportunity for a joyful and fulfilling life in a suitable home, and to guarantee that every individual or family who opens their hearts to a Springer experiences a positive and life-enhancing journey.



To fulfil these objectives, Springer Rescue for Scotland has established a robust infrastructure, including an administrative process and a network of devoted volunteers. Our comprehensive services encompass:

Identifying Dogs in Need

We receive and respond to information regarding Springer Spaniels in need of rehoming or rescue.

Assessment and Care

We assess each dog, either in their current home or in alternative settings, to determine their unique needs.

Safe Transport and Foster Care

We provide transportation and temporary foster care when necessary to ensure the dogs' well-being.

Matching Homes

We diligently match rescue and rehoming candidates with the most suitable new homes, considering their unique requirements and circumstances.

Springer Rescue for Scotland acknowledges that while many of our dogs find their place as cherished pets, some thrive as working dogs, particularly in the scenic rural landscapes of Scotland. We commit to delivering essential veterinary support, including health checks, tick, flea, worm treatments, and microchipping before rehoming. In cases involving elderly or ailing dogs, we extend ongoing veterinary care to facilitate their rehoming.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to promoting responsible ownership by offering informative resources and educational outreach initiatives to Springer owners. Our activities are sustained through various means, including dog running, an informative website, public awareness campaigns, and fundraising efforts. We actively collaborate with like-minded animal welfare organisations and other entities that share our vision.

Springer Rescue for Scotland welcomes all, fostering a non-judgmental environment where anyone, regardless of their circumstances, can reach out to us for assistance with a Springer Spaniel in need. Although our roots are firmly planted in Scotland, we occasionally extend our reach to encompass the wider UK and Ireland when it serves the best interests of the dogs we care for.

At Springer Rescue Scotland, we believe that every Springer deserves a chance at a brighter future, and we are committed to making that belief a reality.