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Join Our Pack of Volunteers and Make a Difference

Thank you for considering becoming a part of Springer Rescue for Scotland’s volunteer team. We deeply value the dedication and fresh ideas that new volunteers bring to our mission of helping Springer Spaniels in Scotland.


There are various ways you can get involved and make a meaningful impact.

Foster Homes Needed

We are urgently seeking new foster homes for our dogs. It’s important to note that all our fosters receive comprehensive support from our team of experienced volunteers and behaviourists. Not every rescued Spaniel can go directly to a new home; some need a temporary place to stay during transport runs, while others require assessment or medical care before finding their forever homes. By opening your home to a rescue Spaniel, you provide them with sanctuary, stability, and care during this transitional period. Whether you have experience or are a welcoming, dog-loving household, your support can make a difference in the life of a dog in need.

Rehoming Assistance

We are always looking for individuals throughout Scotland willing to assess dogs in need of new homes and evaluate homes offered to Springer Rescue for Scotland. While experience with dogs is preferred, it can be as simple as someone who has lovingly cared for several dogs throughout their lifetime – no professional expertise required.

Dog Transport

Given Scotland’s size, not every Springer in need of a home finds their perfect family nearby. We need volunteers with safe vehicles to help transport dogs across the country. If you have a dog-friendly vehicle and are willing to travel within Scotland, we’d love to have you on board.

Fundraising and Publicity

Our work, including educational initiatives promoting responsible ownership, relies on financial support. Whether you’re brimming with fundraising ideas, have practical skills, or simply know where to place a poster for maximum visibility, your involvement in fundraising and publicity can make a substantial difference. Visit our fundraising page to explore opportunities.

Expertise and Administration

If you have expertise in areas such as training, behaviour, show dogs, gundogs, or other types of working dogs, we welcome your skills to benefit the dogs of Springer Rescue for Scotland. Organizational talents are also highly valuable, and we can put them to good use.

Friends of SRS

Recognizing that everyone has different commitments, we’ve established a Friends of SRS group for those who prefer to make a small financial contribution to support our cause.

Your involvement, whether through your time, skills, or financial support, plays a vital role in helping Springer Spaniels find loving homes and promoting responsible ownership.


Join our passionate team of volunteers and be a part of the positive change for these incredible dogs.

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