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Explore our selection of SRS-branded products, where your purchase not only brings a touch of Springer Spaniel charm to your life but also directly supports our mission. Whether it’s stylish merchandise, adorable dog-themed items, or essential accessories, each purchase contributes to the welfare and rehoming of Springer Spaniels in Scotland. Every product you shop for is a step towards providing loving homes and brighter futures for these incredible dogs. Join us in making a difference—one delightful item at a time!

2024 SRS Calendar

Introducing our 2024 Springer Rescue for Scotland calendar—a visual treat for every dog lover! Each month features heart-melting photographs of our adorable Spaniels, capturing their spirit, resilience, and boundless charm. With every turn of the page, you’ll be greeted by wagging tails and soulful eyes, reminding you of the incredible impact your support has on these wonderful dogs.


Don’t miss the chance to brighten your year while making a difference in theirs.


Purchase your SRS calendar today and treasure 12 months of canine companionship.

£6.00 + flat fee of £3 for shipping. SOLD OUT!

Christmas Cards

Unlock a world of elegance with our exclusive pack of 10 stunning cards, now available for just £4.00! Each pack features 5 cards of two distinct designs, meticulously crafted with premium materials for a touch of sophistication. 

We offer flat-rate shipping at just £5, so you can enjoy this unbeatable deal with ease. Elevate your card-giving experience today and make Christmas a masterpiece of thoughtfulness and style. Don’t miss out – order now!

£4 + flat fee of £5 for shipping.