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Keep up to date with what's happening with our rescue dogs, fosterers and new forever homes all over Scotland.


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A little happy during the Lock Down:


And to make you smile during this lockdown – please enjoy the pictures of our dogs on the rehoming page and of course, the lovely stories below about some of our dogs who have found their forever homes:


Cello's Story


I’m Cello a young lively 8 year old Working Cocker.



I was given up to SRS just before lockdown – so I spent lockdown with my foster mum, where I learned a little but more about rules and lots of exercise!  But I now have a lovely forever home with my new mum and dad who spoil me.  I am the sole dog and really enjoy living there with lots of outdoor space getting two walks in the forest at the end of the garden. My mum and dad love me to bits even my bad habits….I like to destroy balls, anything with their scent on it is fair game. I do love getting brushed and massaged. 


Life is great here!



Ruby's Story


Here are some wonderful photos of Ruby settling into her forever home with the wonderful Mollie.

Ruby and Mollie have turned into a real double act according to Ruby’s new mum. Ruby has settled very well, eats everything and makes friends all around the neighbourhood including the Springers next door! And while enjoying all the love and attention from her new family…she’s also had her first haircut.





Bella's Story


Bella joined her forever home after lockdown and has made super friends with her new sister Millie.

Millie is also an SRS rescue who joined this wonderful forever home more than 5 years ago. She loves to play and swim and is delighted to welcome SRS Bella into the family….



Millie cant really understand why her new sister Bella doesn’t love carrots…so she waits patiently until she gets bored so Millie can steal it! But only a few short weeks later…and Bella is a carrot eater too!
Her forever family love her to bits, they say she has a very sweet nature and gets on great with Millie, is super on the lead and a joy to have in their home.




Millie's Story


Millie has been with her forever home for five years. And while she is now the grand age of 12, her mum says that Millie firmly believes she’s a lot younger and a quick glance at a feather or squirrel will have her out chasing! Millie took a little while to settle in her forever home, as she was a little devil with the two family cats. But a truce was established due more to the very tolerant nature of the cats. Her mum describes her as a very sweet natured girl who loves a good walk, especially if it includes  a wee swim. What a fabulous story for a beautiful dog.




Fudge's Story


Fudge’s new family were looking for a companion for their 6 year spaniel who had sadly lost his pack mate last year. Sammy had lost a little of his lust for list and his mum thought he needed to find his spark again. As soon as they met Fudge, they knew they had made the right decision! Fudge has fitted into the family like he has always been there and Sammy has refound his mojo. Fudge has also found a place in the hearts of the rest of the family, as he loves swimming in the river with his human sisters and loves chasing a ball at the park. His family think hes amazing and  absolutely love him and his character. The whole experience has been a joy for them and how lucky is Fudge to find this wonderful forever home?





Poppy's Story


Poppy found her forever home just recently after a long wait with her foster parents through lockdown. But her mum says she has settled into her new home really well and even better, has become best mates with her new brother Buddy. In fairness, Buddy wasn’t initially thrilled at having a new pack mate and played it cool for the first day or two. But Poppy’s enthusiasm and joy of life won him over and now they both love playing on the beach and curling up together. Sounds like Poppy has found the perfect forever home.





Lady’s Story

Lady – a slightly older spaniel won the hearts of her foster parents in 2019. They had successfully fostered eight other dogs, but Lady’s gentle spirit and timid nature made her impossible to give up to anyone else. They have seen her grow in confidence over the last year and she has firmly planted her paws under the table and in their hearts. What a wonderful result for this gentle Lady.



Zivas Story


Ziva was adopted in 2018, into a house with 2 rescue cats, grandchildren and many ‘dog cousins’. She has made firm friends with Sofia one of the cats, where they share their bed and like to snuggle, play and clean each other. Her mum says Ziva is small for a springer, but what she lacks in height she makes up for in spring, speed and enthusiasm. She goes to work every day, where she is a hit with colleagues, other office dogs and visitors. Her mum says her brown eyes pull you in and there you are, in love with the sweetest, kindest soul of a little dog with a big heart. How beautiful.



Buddy’s Story


The beautiful 9 year old Buddy had a bit of a tough life before he found his forever home in 2019.  He now lives next to a long sandy beach, just perfect for his favourite game - ball chasing.  He still tears about on the beach every day like a youngster and no-one believes uhis mum and dad then they tell them he’s around 10 years old!


Buddy is exceptionally loving and, despite his alleged age, tremendously playful and fun to be with.  He brings absolute joy to his new family. Happy ball chasing Buddy !





Meet Millie & Ziggy


Another great adoption story. Millie was adopted just before the lockdown and she has found a great new friend in her forever home - Ziggy.

She loves her walks and cuddles:



And even though she was told this wouldn't work as a coronavirus mask.....would she listen ?? 






Herbie and Paddy


To bring a smile to your face. Everyone wondered if Herbie who is 14 years old would welcome the young Paddy into his home. Paddy is estimated to be 14 months and arrived in his forever home a few weeks ago. His mum and dad say it is like they’ve been together for years……… and they have become instant best friends.





One more success story for SRS

Here are best pals Rosie & Molly - Rosie is 3 years old and Molly is 9 months and is at her forever home for just 3 weeks…..







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