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We have continued to take in and rehome dogs throughout the pandemic whilst keeping the safety and wellbeing of our dogs and volunteers at the heart of our organisation, this has of course had an impact on how we go about rehoming.



If you have been approved to apply for dogs either by phone call or after a home visit, please continue to note interest as advised. If you have any queries regarding this, please contact your local Area Coordinator HERE.



If you have not yet completed an application to rehome one of our dogs, please read through the application guidance thoroughly and complete our application form and your local Area Coordinator will be in touch to discuss further. You can find the application form HERE.



The health and wellbeing of our dogs and our volunteers is at the heart of our organisation.


PLEASE NOTE: our COVID policies and  guidelines may change without notice to keep in step with government policy, so do please keep checking back to our website.


The lockdown also means we are keeping dogs for longer in foster or in some cases kennels, which is adding to our costs. And of course, we are unable to do our usual fundraising at fairs and dog events.


You can help us by making a donation. Click the button below to see how you can help




If you have already registered with us  to adopt a dog and you have been homechecked and you see a dog on this page that you would like to know more about, please click the image, or the link below the dog's biography, and fill in the enquiry form.

Holly Key Information
SRS Name: Holly
Ref No: 29001392
Location: Strathclyde: Argyll
Breed: English Springer Spaniel
Age: 3 Years, 9 Months ESTIMATE
Gender: Neutered Female
Good with Children: No
Good with Dogs: No
Good with Cats: Untested, please ask
Good with Livestock: No
Status: Reserved
Holly's CV: Holly is a 3 year old English Springer Spaniel who is in foster in Argyll. She needs an experienced home. Due to a lack of early socialisation she can be wary of both people and dogs and can become very anxious and aggressive in unknown situations. She is accepting of strangers if the interaction takes place at her pace however if the person / dog forces the issue she will become fearful and bark at them. While out walking she becomes very focused on scents and will react if someone tries to interrupt her while she is ‘busy’. Her foster carers are working on encouraging her to stay calm and focus on them while out. Due to her pulling she has been introduced to a Gentle Leader head collar. Like many dogs Holly was unnerved at being placed in a new environment and has taken several weeks for her to start to relax and settle into her foster home (she is currently on YuCalm). Her foster carers have allowed her to settle in at her own pace and she is becoming the ideal house guest. She can, however, become grumpy in the evenings if she has been over stimulated or not had enough rest during the day. Holly loves running around a secure field, chasing a ball however she is no longer allowed the ball in the house as she has previously shown signs of resource guarding balls and toys indoors. She has been introduced to clicker training, which she loves, and her foster carers have been teaching lots of new exercises. She is a very quick learner! Holly would be best suited to an adult only, pet free household preferably in a semi-rural location. Thanks to the calmness and patience of her foster carers Holly has come on in leaps and bounds while with them and is a dog with great potential. Ongoing behavioural support will be in place for the adopters of Holly. Be aware Holly will require multiple visits to allow her to get to know her potential adopters. *Please only note interest in Holly if you have been home-checked or approved by email*

Email us here for enquiries about Holly: adopting@springerrescuescotland.org

Marley Key Information
SRS Name: Marley
Ref No: 16001399
Location: Grampian: Aberdeenshire
Breed: English Springer Spaniel
Age: 10 Years, 1 Months ESTIMATE
Gender: Neutered Male
Good with Children: Older
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Untested, please ask
Good with Livestock: Untested, please ask
Status: Available
Marley's CV: Hello everyone, my name is Marley and I am about 10 years old. My foster mum and dad say I am an ‘angel’ of a dog, of course i agree! I love being outside on walks, I'm boisterous to start with on a lead or long line but I soon settle down. I am sorry to say but I do not have good recall, so I must be kept on a lead or long line at all times but I am working on this with my foster folks. I do get a bit stiff in my hind legs after a good walk, this has been checked by the vet man who said its my age and something called ‘arthur-itis! I am going to try something called yumove to see if it helps. My foster folks tailor walks to suit me but it doesn’t impact on my love to be out and about. I do get excited when I am going in the car but I settle down once I am in and travelling, I love being in the car as it usually means I am going somewhere exciting. I love getting lots of attention and cuddles, but I like my own space too. I am good at getting brushed and getting my feet washed and dried after going on walks. I will sit nicely for my dinner, in fact I love any food! I love my ball as well, i love to have someone throw it for me. I sleep well in my crate all night. I am great with my foster mum and dads grand-kids (12+ are best), they are great fun and we play games. I am a bit of a ladies man and can be a bit stubborn if a man tells me what to do, but i have worked on this with my foster dad and he says I am much better, we like our ‘manly’ cuddles and walks together. (SRS have behaviourists that will offer support if any issues arise). I like being with other dogs as long as they are not too boisterous however I would prefer to be an only dog as thats what I am used to. If you can offer me a loving home then i will give you lots of love in return PLEASE NOTE: please only note interest in Marley if you have been home-checked/through our application process and approved by email

Email us here for enquiries about Marley: aberdeenshire@springerrescuescotland.org