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COVID-19 Lock-Down Update 1st May 2021


OPTION 1: If you have already registered with us by filling in our application form AND you have been home-checked by one of our volunteers


  • Rehoming has already restarted and is going well!
  • We’re delighted to share that SIX dogs have already been rehomed since we lifted the restriction on rehoming on the 1st June.
  • You can find the dogs we have up for adoption below.


OPTION 2: If you have NOT REGISTERED with us by filling in our application form


  • We are now ready to open-up to new applications.
  • You can find the application form HERE.


The health and wellbeing of our dogs and our volunteers is at the heart of our organisation.


PLEASE NOTE: the guidelines may change without notice to keep in step with government policy, so do please keep checking back to our website.


The lockdown also means we are keeping dogs for longer in foster or in some cases kennels, which is adding to our costs. And of course, we are unable to do our usual fundraising at fairs and dog events.

You can help us by making a donation. Click the button below to see how you can help




If you have already registered with us  to adopt a dog and you have been homechecked and you see a dog on this page that you would like to know more about, please click the image, or the link below the dog's biography, and fill in the enquiry form.

Beanie Key Information
SRS Name: Beanie
Ref No: 12001393
Location: Grampian: Aberdeenshire
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Age: 5 Years, 10 Months ESTIMATE
Gender: Neutered Female
Good with Children: Older
Good with Dogs: No
Good with Cats: Untested, please ask
Good with Livestock: Untested, please ask
Status: Available
Beanie's CV: Hi my name is Beanie I am a beautiful chocolate Cocker Spaniel aged 5years 10 months old. I am in foster in Aberdeenshire. Sadly I had to leave my previous family home because I had become unkind to my two dog brothers who were both older than me. I like to be centre of your attention so am best suited to being an only dog. I can be fussy about eating, I would prefer your food or treats, but my foster mum will give you advice on feeding me. I have settled well with my foster mum and dad though and love our walks, one in the morning and one in the evening. I walk extremely well on a long line, running and investigating all the sights and sounds. When my foster mum calls me, I go back to her side immediately, my recall is very good. Eventually you will be able to let me off once I get to know you. I love all sorts of outings with my foster mum, in the woods, on the beach or just a mooch around the town. We also have a playtime in between my walks with my toys. I especially love having a ball thrown for me and will gladly bring it back to you to throw again and again. I am very good at meeting new people and their dogs providing they are well behaved. I get a little anxious if the dogs come at me or are a little over zealous. My foster mum always lets people know this and they are very good and kind about it. We are working on this so it will need to be continued in my new home. I love the comments I get about how nicely I behave and my foster mum is pleased and says, “ I behave like a proper young lady should”. I bark sometimes at unexpected noises to let my foster mum know somethings afoot but settle really quickly when she reassures me all is well. I will bark at the neighbours just to let them know I’m there, we then have a proper hello through the fence. I do love to have a close cuddle with you on the sofa. At night I will stretch the limits if allowed and try to get up on your bed with you. My foster mum pops me in a crate at night to sleep which I don’t mind. I feel much more secure and settle for the night really well. I think I would fit nicely into a family with no other pets and no young children and with someone who is around for most of the time. I get a little stressed if left during the day, so my foster mum takes me with her into work which I love. If you think I would fit into your family and life please do note interest. I have so much love to give and will make you a wonderful companion. *Please do not note interest in Beanie if you have not been approved by email or home-checked*

Email us here for enquiries about Beanie: adopting@springerrescuescotland.org

Bailey (1) Key Information
SRS Name: Bailey (1)
Ref No: 31001384
Location: Grampian: Aberdeenshire
Breed: English Springer Spaniel
Age: 3 Years, 10 Months ESTIMATE
Gender: Neutered Female
Good with Children: Yes
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Livestock: Untested, please ask
Status: Reserved
Bailey (1)'s CV: Hello people of the internet. My name is Bailey. I’m a 3 year old springer girl and yes I am gorgeous. I used to be an only dog, but now I live with 3 foster brothers. I really love the company, and there’s always someone to play with. I really need a dog around my age who will play with me in my new home. I’m a confident and friendly young lady, I like to make new friends, both people and dogs. My foster home have been working with me to improve my basic training and reduce my shadow chasing, my foster mum will keep you right regarding this and there are lovely behaviour ladies who support the rescue too if needed for help. My new home will have to continue working with me to firm up my training, especially my recall, its a bit hit or miss. I don’t walk particularly well on the lead, I walk better with my harness though, I do like to mouth at your hand when you are putting my harness/ lead on but i am easily distracted. I love being outside, running about is my favourite thing to do. I like to chase my brothers and for them to chase me. It’s always great fun! I do require a very secure garden, my foster mum fears i may be like someone called Houdini! I travel well in the car either in the back seat or in the boot. When my foster family are home I like to snuggle up beside them for a cuddle. I’m very affectionate. I can be left for a few hours at home, I just curl up for a nap. I sleep soundly all night with my brothers for company. I’ve had lots of new experiences in my foster home, I’ve met the cat that lives here - I was very respectful of her as my brothers told me she’s very pointy. I’ve met children and I was very gentle and I really like them. I’ve seen sheep and cows on my walks, they’re not very exciting at all. If you think I’m what’s missing from your family please email my people. Love Bailey-Boo Please do not note interest in Bailey if you have not been home-checked or approved by email

Email us here for enquiries about Bailey (1): aberdeenshire@springerrescuescotland.org

Mannie Key Information
SRS Name: Mannie
Ref No: 16001393
Location: Central: Angus
Breed: Springer/Cocker Cross
Age: 10 Years, 0 Months ESTIMATE
Gender: Neutered Male
Good with Children: Older
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Livestock: Yes
Status: Available
Mannie's CV: Hello. I’m Mannie a 9 year old Springer-Cocker cross and I am very big with a long, happy waggy tail. As I said I am a very handsome big boy, tall at 60cm from paw to shoulder and weigh in at 23.5kg. I had to come in to SRS care as sadly my Dad and Mum passed away. My foster Mum & Dad are great, they give me treats and they exercise & play with me. I also have 2 foster sisters, I have great fun with them and you would never think am nearly 10!I have good house manners and I love a cuddle and my shoulders massaged. I particularly like to sit on my foster dad's lap, but I am heavy. I would prefer it if you are about most of the day. You have to make sure that all food is kept well out of my way as I can reach up on to the worktop to steal your dinner. I sleep on my own bed at night time and am not disturbed if you need to get up during the night. In the morning, I get “the zoomies” and chase and catch my tail. I am not allowed soft toys as apparently, I destroy them in seconds, so I have some stronger Kongs, which I love. I also chew stones. My foster Mum and Dad shout at me when I pick up one and I will drop it when asked, but may sneak it up again if they are not looking. I have had to have two teeth removed in foster due to my silly habit, I am trying hard not to want to play with them. I like going in the car, but I whimper a bit with excitement as I love going to new places and have really enjoyed going with my foster sisters to the beach. I have been getting plenty of walks and for a spaniel I'm not bad on the lead. My recall is good, too. I like meeting people and other dogs and don't seem to be bothered by any of them. I have a problem with my back, making me a little weak and will be on Metacam for the rest of my life but you would hardly know there was a problem when I am playing and running about, but I can find it hard to climb on to the sofa and the bed is too high - my foster Dad says that's a good thing! I would like a new home with a big garden where I can run about and play. It would be nice to have another dog to play with. My littlest foster sister is great fun as she is so fast. *Please do not note interest in Mannie if you have not been approved by email or been home-checked* Email us here for enquiries about me: angus@springerrescuescotland.org

Email us here for enquiries about Mannie: angus@springerrescuescotland.org