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COVID-19 Lock-Down Update 1st May 2021


OPTION 1: If you have already registered with us by filling in our application form AND you have been home-checked by one of our volunteers


  • Rehoming has already restarted and is going well!
  • We’re delighted to share that SIX dogs have already been rehomed since we lifted the restriction on rehoming on the 1st June.
  • You can find the dogs we have up for adoption below.


OPTION 2: If you have NOT REGISTERED with us by filling in our application form


  • We are now ready to open-up to new applications.
  • You can find the application form HERE.


The health and wellbeing of our dogs and our volunteers is at the heart of our organisation.


PLEASE NOTE: the guidelines may change without notice to keep in step with government policy, so do please keep checking back to our website.


The lockdown also means we are keeping dogs for longer in foster or in some cases kennels, which is adding to our costs. And of course, we are unable to do our usual fundraising at fairs and dog events.

You can help us by making a donation. Click the button below to see how you can help




If you have already registered with us  to adopt a dog and you have been homechecked and you see a dog on this page that you would like to know more about, please click the image, or the link below the dog's biography, and fill in the enquiry form.

Joe Key Information
SRS Name: Joe
Ref No: 3001378
Location: Grampian: Aberdeenshire
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Age: 9 Years, 2 Months ESTIMATE
Gender: Neutered Male
Good with Children: Older
Good with Dogs: No
Good with Cats: No
Good with Livestock: Untested, please ask
Status: Reserved
Joe's CV: Hey, I’m Joe a 9 year old Golden Working Cocker. Until last month I lived on the remote West Coast. I miss the peace & quiet so thats why I am looking for a forever rural/and or quiet home. I do have good house manners, And i love a cuddle. I am exceptionally anxious and noise sensitive and react by barking at any time, but this is because i worry what the noises are.I am not used to loud noises but my foster mum is working with me on this. I am currently sleeping in a crate, but would love to sleep with you if i was given the chance. Travelling in a car is something that I have not really done in my previous home, so I am therefore noisy, I whimper away for a good part of the journey. I don’t mind cars or bicycles near the car but will bark incessantly at motor bikes until they are well passed me, again these are loud scary things i’ve never seen before. My diet has been changed to kibble twice a day which I enjoy, half my meal is put into a treat ball, to encourage me to play. I don’t know what to do with toys, my foster mum is trying to encourage me to play but I’m not really interested. I do grumble and tell you if I’m not comfortable doing things, especially regarding paws and knots on my coat. I can be stubborn but hey thats loveable right! I have been getting plenty of walks on a long line, I don’t pull on it, i enjoy being out walking in quiet areas.When walked on a short lead i can pull out of excitement but will quickly calm down, my foster mum is helping me with this. I should tell you that I get very anxious and can seem aggressive towards other dogs, I am just worried about them, I have never been used to so many when out and about as i rarely seen another dog in my previous home, my foster mum, again, is helping me with this and to boost my confidence with other dogs, she will be able to give you lots of advice to help me I have had my health check by a very nice vet and was passed fit, my weight is right, my teeth are ok but may benefit from a clean in the future. Since coming to my foster mum she has been trying to help me get accustomed to a less rural life with the assistance of SRS’s dog behaviourist, so far I am fine with adults, children are unknown to me as I have never met any. Cats are definitely a no no for me. My new home requires to be somewhere rural preferably, or somewhere quiet with a large garden , no young children and no cats or other dogs and definitely not in a busy populated place due to my reactions to noise. The SRS behaviourist will be accessible to my new family if required however I hope if l get all my wishes for quiet then they won’t be needed. PLEASE DO NOT NOTE INTEREST OR EMAIL US REGARDING JOE IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN HOME-CHECKED OR BEEN APPROVED BY EMAIL AFTER COMPLETING OUR APPLICATION PROCESS. THANK YOU

Email us here for enquiries about Joe: aberdeenshire@springerrescuescotland.org

Ruby Key Information
SRS Name: Ruby
Ref No: 30001383
Location: Central: Clackmannanshire
Breed: English Springer Spaniel
Age: 3 Years, 3 Months
Gender: Neutered Female
Good with Children: Older
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Untested, please ask
Good with Livestock: Untested, please ask
Status: Reserved
Ruby's CV: Hello Spaniel lovers. My name is Ruby and I am a three year old liver and white English Springer Spaniel who is fit, healthy and ever so loving. I am a tiny tad overweight but my foster Mum has been monitoring my feeds, been sparing with the treats and given me lots of exercise. I’m looking slimmer already. I pull strongly on a long lead but am so much better on a figure of eight. My recall is good in a secure area and when lead free I will keep checking where you are and stay pretty close. I love chasing squirrels and leaves, playing ball and frisbee and am friendly to other dogs. Children have come to say hello when I’m out walking and I just sit quietly beside my foster Mum and let them talk to me. I travel well in a car, am no trouble in the house but will bark when someone comes to the door. Loud noises don’t bother me but I can be timid at times and will sometimes do a Springer sprinkle then. I don’t like men in uniform or big bright jackets and am not sure about people with hats and sun glasses. If my foster mum asks them to remove their hat and glasses so that I can see their faces and tells me they are friends then I’m okay. Still not sure about the postmen though! I am a happy dog who loves and needs cuddles, mental and physical exercise, and a happy loving household where I am very much one of the family. Is there a family waiting for me? Lots of love Ruby x

Email us here for enquiries about Ruby: clackmannanshire@springerrescuescotland.org