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Looking after Springers, especially rescue Springers, costs money! Vet checks, worming, vaccination, and sometimes neutering. Dogs may have to be transported to or from a home, and during their foster care we pay vet bills for any illness they may have.



On average, it costs SRS £175 to rehome each dog in our care. Because of this, as well as re-homing, welfare and education, Springer Rescue for Scotland are very involved in fundraising!


If you wish to make a donation to fund a particular aspect of our work, then please consider our Friends Scheme. Friends of Springer Rescue for Scotland donate £10 per year to SRS. In return they receive our three newsletters per year, and know that their funding is used for all the work of SRS – rescuing and rehoming Springers, providing for the veterinary needs of dogs in our care, and encouraging responsible ownership through information and education.