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Gypsy and Oscar

Gypsy and Oscar are a bonded pair of almost 8-year-old Springers, more Mr and Mrs than brother and sister, who have been together since the age of 4 months and are to be re-homed together.

Gypsy and OscarGypsy is full of life and a determined little lady despite losing her front left leg at the age of 4 months after an unfortunate accident. She doesn’t want any pity just to be treated the same as any other dog, although she may tire quicker on 25% less running power. She is fully house trained, and walks close to heel, stay and has good recall.  Although excited in a new environment initially pulls but soon settles down. Gypsy does want to be the centre of attention and is more than capable of pushing herself forward vying for your affections. She sometimes needs a helping hand getting in and out of a car which she enjoys travelling in. Although she rarely barks, she is vocal in soft whines and squeaks, especially before walks were she will practically put on her lead for you. Gypsy has been left in the morning and afternoons with a quick walk at lunch, so as long as Oscar is around is very happy to be left for a few hours.