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Thank you for thinking about volunteering for Springer Rescue for Scotland. All of us involved in SRS are volunteers, and we are always keen to have new people joining us, bringing fresh enthusiasm and bright ideas. 


There are many practical ways in which you can become involved in helping Springer Spaniels in Scotland.


We always need people throughout Scotland who are prepared to assess dogs that require new homes, and assess homes that are on offer to Springer Rescue for Scotland. Although it is best that these checks are done by someone experienced with dogs, that can be as simple as someone who has happily owned several dogs in their lifetime – it does not require professional expertise.



Scotland is a big country, and not every Springer needing a home will find their ideal family on their doorstep! We therefore need to be able to move dogs about the country. If you have a car that is safe for transporting a dog, and either travel regularly in Scotland, or are willing to do so, we would be delighted to hear from you.



Not every rescued Springer is able to go straight to a new home. Sometimes a dog simply needs a bed for the night on a transport run, sometimes a dog needs a long period of assessment or medical care before they can be rehomed, and sometimes a dog simply needs to come into our care urgently, before they are matched to a new forever home. We need to have homes throughout Scotland who are able to offer sanctuary, stability and care to rescue Springers for a period of time. Because our dogs vary so much in their foster needs, almost any experienced, welcoming home will be the right short term refuge for one particular dog.



All this activity, and the educational work with which we support responsible ownership, costs money! Some people are full of great fundraising ideas, some have great practical skills, and some simply have an eye for where a poster will get maximum attention! If you are interested in fundraising and publicity for Springer Rescue for Scotland, please visit our fundraising page.



If you have a particular area of expertise, be it training, behaviour, show dogs, gundogs, or other types of working dogs, then we would be delighted if you felt able to use it to benefit the dogs of Springer Rescue for Scotland. And if you are one of life’s great organisers, then we can put those skills to good use!



These days everyone is busy, and not everyone has the free time to give to the causes they feel strongly about. Because of this, we have a Friends of SRS group, for those who would prefer to make a small financial donation.


If you would like more information on volunteering with Springer Rescue for Scotland, please CLICK HERE and get in touch.

Springer Rescue Scotland

Springer Rescue Scotland

Springer Rescue Scotland

Springer Rescue Scotland