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Stanley's Gotcha Day!


Tomorrow (27 July) marks one year since we took Stanley home. Where has the time gone?


Stanley is our third rescue & our second from SRS. 


We had forgotten how much work a puppy is but this is paid back a million times in love, happiness & pride. He has become an amazing young dog, full of fun & energy with more than a touch of mischief.


From our first visit to Pam (foster Nan) we hoped we would be lucky enough to be matched to him. He was mouthy, full of personality and clearly loved his food - well named then as Munchie!


Stanley had the most amazing start in life living with Pam and all the other SRS volunteers made the adoption process stress free. 


The year has flown in & clever boy Stanley was quick to learn. Toilet training & sleeping all night went without a hitch. Puppy teeth on the hand were not so much fun, we still have some battle scars - haha.


Stanley loves off lead walks whether it's in the woods, along the beach, walking with his doggy friends & especially if there is a chance for a swim at the end. He is a typical spaniel. 


And we love him. Thank you SRS for all you do & for blessing us with this wonderful boy.