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SRS was set up in late 2008, by a number of people interested in Springer welfare and rehoming, who felt that there was a need for a Scotland based rescue organisation.


We received Charitable Status in 2009 (Registered Scottish Charity, No: SC040565) and have a Board of Trustees and a Management Committee, Chaired by Dr Charles Saunders. We rehomed our first Springer in December 2008 – a new home for Christmas!



Springer Rescue for Scotland is a Scotland based breed specific rescue organisation, with the stated aims that every Springer Spaniel in Scotland should have the chance of a happy, fulfilled life in an appropriate home, and that every person or family that owns a Springer should find this to be a positive experience, and one that enhances their quality of life.


Springer Rescue for Scotland will facilitate the rehoming and rescuing of springer spaniels by putting in place and maintaining an administrative process and a network of volunteers to manage the following:


Springer Rescue for Scotland will recognise that while the majority of dogs that we rehome will be pets, some will be happier and more fulfilled living as working dogs, particularly in rural areas of Scotland.


Springer Rescue for Scotland will provide any necessary veterinary support for dogs in their care, including vet check, tick, flea, worm treatment and microchipping as necessary before rehoming. When necessary, Springer Rescue for Scotland will provide ongoing veterinary support to facilitate the rehoming of elderly or infirm dogs.


Springer Rescue for Scotland will encourage and support responsible ownership by providing information and education to owners by whatever legitimate means it considers appropriate.


Springer Rescue for Scotland will support our activities by:


While Springer Rescue for Scotland is Scotland-based, we will  occasionally  consider receiving dogs from and rehoming dogs to the rest of the UK and Ireland if that is in the dog's best interest.

Springer Rescue Scotland

Springer Rescue Scotland

Springer Rescue Scotland

Springer Rescue Scotland