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Ref Number: 10001557

BREED: Springer Spaniel

AGE: 5 years

LOCATION: Stirlingshire


CHILDREN: Yes, older


CATS: Untested



A little bit about Jess …. Jess is a beautiful young Springer and has settled very well in foster. She is really enjoying being with her fosterers other dogs and fits right in with their routine.

Energy Requirements:  

Jess has been enjoying her walks, likes to play fetch with a ball or frisbee. Jess loves bounding through high grass and buttercup fields. She rarely goes too far away from your side. She will roll over to get her paws and belly dried. She has a lot of energy but settles in the house.


Jess pulls a bit on a short lead but is great on a long lead. Her recall is good. She will do the usual sit, stay, paw etc.

Visiting the vet:  

Jess has had her routine health check, and all went well. Her vaccinations are up to date. She has a lovely soft, clean coat, and is well groomed. She is happy to be showered when needed and towel dried.


Jess jumps into the back of the car when going out but waits until her lead is attached before she jumps out. She settles well in the car and is fine with the other dogs in the car.


Jess is a healthy weight; she eats well and enjoys treats. She has been trained not to beg for human food at mealtimes.


Jess has settled so well in foster that she now sleeps in the same bed as the fosterers other dogs. She is used to sleeping on her own bed or in a crate.

Behavioural issues:  Jess is described as a sweetheart. She doesn’t like strange dogs coming up to her when she is out, she will bark and react.

Home needs: 

Jess would like an active home, with someone around most of the day, and a garden to potter about and play in. A rural, coastal, or semi-rural location with access to safe walks would be ideal. She would be fine with older children. She has been used to living with another dog, so a friendly non-dominant dog would be fine.

Ongoing support: 

Springer Rescue for Scotland will be available for any support with your new dog and can offer behavioural support in case of any problems that may arise on adopting a dog.

Please Do NOT express interest in Jess if you are going on holiday in the next 4-6 weeks.

If you have been home-checked or approved by email then please email  with your name and postcode. If you haven’t applied yet but think I’m your perfect companion, please complete an application on the website and email letting them know you have just submitted an application, giving your name and postcode.

Please ONLY contact us if you fit the required criteria.