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Ref Number: 15001554

BREED: Cocker Spaniel (Show), Golden

AGE: 17 months

LOCATION: Roxburghshire


CHILDREN: Yes, older


CATS: Will probably chase





A little bit about Louie …. Louie is a very happy dog whose tail never stops. Being a youngster he has lots of energy to burn off. He’s very excitable and very friendly. He is described as happy, boisterous and busy. He is an independent boy who likes to do his own thing and is not a cuddly dog. He does interact with other dogs and likes to play.  He loves his toys and carries them around with him. He is full of Cocker character!


Energy Requirements:  

Louie is a typically very energetic young Cocker. He will need regular exercise as well as training exercises to use his brain! He loves to potter in the garden, and he loves sun puddling.



Louie will need someone experienced with Cockers who can continue his training. He is a bright young dog and responds well to commands. He loves treats so this aids training sessions.  He walks to heel well but can pull when he wants. His recall is not always good especially on walks where there’s lots to see and smell. He gets very excited when visitors come to the house, including deliveries. His fosterer is working on this.


Visiting the vet:  

Louie has been neutered while in foster, and his vaccinations are up to date. He is fine at the vets and enjoys the attention. He is in good condition with a lovely glossy coat.



Louie travels well in the car in the back seat or boot with a harness clipped on or a seat belt.



Louie eats well, is very food motivated. He is currently fed on kibble appropriate to his age and weight.



Louie sleeps in a dog bed in the kitchen but will push his luck and make himself comfy on his fosterers bed.


Behavioural issues:  Louie thrives in a quiet calm environment. In a busy household with lots of comings and goings he will bark a lot.


Home needs: 

Louie would like a quiet, calm but active home, preferably with a large garden to potter about in, and with access to safe areas for walks. He will need someone experienced with Cockers who can commit to continue his training. He will be fine with older children.  He would be fine with an older quiet dog with a calming influence.


Please DO NOT express interest in Louie if you are going on holiday in the next 4-6 weeks.


Ongoing support: 

Springer Rescue for Scotland will be available for any support with your new dog and can offer behavioural support in case of any problems that may arise on adopting a dog.


If you have been home-checked or approved by email then please email  with your name and postcode. If you haven’t applied yet but think I’m your perfect companion, please complete an application on the website and email letting them know you have just submitted an application, giving your name and postcode.


Please ONLY contact us if you fit the required criteria.