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Ref Number: 27001530

BREED: Sprocker, blue roan

AGE: 10 years

LOCATION: Midlothian


CHILDREN: Yes, older, no toddlers

OTHER DOGS: Yes, once introduced. Can be reactive to strange dogs in enclosed spaces, for example, vet surgery.

CATS: Has lived with a cat, but would need careful introduction



Please DO NOT apply for Deano if you are going on holiday in the next 4-6 weeks.

A little bit about Deano …. Deano is a lovely affectionate boy and is an excellent house guest. He loves a cuddle.  He may be busy during the day but can be nice and calm in the evenings. He loves a snooze.  He sleeps well at night in his own bed in the corner of the bedroom.  He likes his own space when out for a walk, doesn’t generally approach other dogs, and prefers them to leave him alone. He can be a bit reactive with other dogs if they invade his space but if they meet in a gentle, nice way, he is fine with them.  Deano is a bit wary of small children as he is not used to them.

Energy Requirements:  

Deano might be 10 years old but he is full of energy and can manage an hour long walk or more with no problems. He loves to run! He also loves playing ball and will bring it right back to be thrown again. He has seen horses and cattle and wasn’t bothered, but when he saw sheep he wanted to chase them, so best kept on the lead near livestock. Deano loves water and will find it when he’s out.


Deano has been enjoying his training sessions while in foster, and his new owners will need to continue his training. He loves playing with his ball, and this keeps him quite focused too. He can pull on the lead, is better with a slip lead, but his recall is quite good. Deano will happily work and train in return for some treats.

Visiting the vet:  

Deano is fine visiting the vet, a bit nervous but loves the attention. He is best kept separate from other dogs in the waiting room. Deano has a few lumps and bumps typical of his age that have been checked by his vet.


Deano travels well in the car and is used to being in the boot or the back seat with a harness clipped on. He can be quite excited for the first few minutes but settles down quickly.


Deano loves his food. He can be a bit of a scavenger so has to be watched when out on walks, and he can be a counter surfer given the chance. His new family will need to continue his training.


Deano sleeps quite happily in his own bed in the bedroom.

Behavioural issues:  Deano is a lovely dog. His only issue is reactivity to other dogs when he’s out, or in a confined space. He is fine once he’s met the other dogs. A bit of barking at first but he soon stops. Behavioural support is available to help with this.

Home needs: 

Deano would like a calm, quiet but fairly active home with someone around most of the time. He was overweight when he first came into rescue, but his fosterer has been working on that, and at the same time gradually increasing his exercise. He is now a healthy weight and looking great for his age. He does have lots of energy. He could live with another friendly placid dog after a managed introduction. No young children. Cats only if they are very used to dogs.

Ongoing support: 

Springer Rescue for Scotland will be available for any support with your new dog and can offer behavioural support in case of any problems that may arise on adopting a dog.

If you have been home-checked or approved by email then please email with your name and postcode. If you haven’t applied yet but think I’m your perfect companion, please complete an application on the website and email  letting them know you have just submitted an application, giving your name and postcode.

Please ONLY contact us if you fit the required criteria.

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