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Name: Storm

 Ref Number: 18001548

BREED: Springer Spaniel, Black & white

LOCATION: Midlothian







A little bit about Storm  – Storm is a lovely, affectionate, biddable youngster. At the moment he is not very confident and everything is a bit scary. He is quiet in the house and greets visitors calmly. He was a kennel dog with lots of other dogs and found this a bit daunting. While he’s been in foster he’s been getting used to being a house dog, with one other dog for company, and his housetraining is coming on a treat.

Energy Requirements:  An active dog, used to at least a couple of hours a day off-lead. He loves exciting and interesting walks and responds well to having a job to do – like simple scent work exercises which help to improve his focus when out and about.  

Training:  Walks alongside with a slip lead or a loose lead, pulls slightly, but takes correction well. Recall is a work in progress. HIs fosterer has been working on heelwork and recall with him. He will need to be walked on a long line until he builds a strong bond with you as he is easily distracted when off-lead.

Visiting the vet: Quite nervous but well behaved at the vet, loves the attention. Happy to be bathed and groomed and even tolerates having teeth brushed.

Travelling:  Travels well in the car, in a crate. Sometimes squeaks with excitement!

Food: Storm is fed a mix of tinned food and kibble twice a day. He also enjoys treats.

Sleep:  in the evenings Storm likes to be near you and loves a cuddle n the couch. He sleeps very well in his crate, for a good 8 hours. He does like a filled Kong to take to bed with him.

Behavioural issues:  Storm is a very friendly dog; he displays some separation anxiety when left alone. He is better with a canine companion.

Home needs: Storm is an easy dog to live with, not very confident, but affectionate, quiet and biddable. He must be rehomed with another more confident but friendly dog. He finds things like vacuum cleaners a bit stressful. Storm needs someone around most of the day, who can continue his training. A rural or semi-rural location would be ideal, with a large garden to play and train in.

Ongoing support: Ongoing support is available from within SRS, and behavioural and training support is available if required.

Important Note: Storm will go to his new home with a contract to be neutered once he is settled and has gained confidence.

If you have been home-checked or approved by email then please email with your name and postcode. If you haven’t applied yet but think I’m your perfect companion, please complete an application on the website and email  letting them know you have just submitted an application, giving your name and postcode.


Please ONLY contact us if you fit the required criteria.