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TOBY 30001542

BREED: Springer Spaniel, male

AGE: 10 years



CHILDREN: Yes, older

OTHER DOGS: Yes but can be nervous, especially if larger dogs run up to him.




A little bit about Toby …. he is a lovely, happy boy who wants to find a reasonably quiet but active forever home. He has lots of energy for his age. He settled into his foster home very well. He has recently been rehomed, but this has not worked out and he is back in foster. He is an anxious and nervous boy until he gets to know you. Once settled he loves cuddles and lots of attention. He has different barks to let you know what he needs – fed, out and a cuddle. He gets on well with his foster sisters but doesn’t really play with them much.

Exercise and Energy Requirements:  Toby has lots of energy and loves his walks and will get very excited when he starts out. He does stop the excited barks once on the way. He can easily manage a 3 mile walk.

Training:  Toby is quite good on the lead, but his recall is non-existent and needs a lot of work. He will need to be on a long line until this improves. His foster family have been working on his recall in a secure area and it’s slowly improving though he is easily distracted and has a mind of his own.

Visiting the vet: Very nervous at the vet. The vet has advised he should be settled into his new home and only have his neutering operation once he is less anxious. His vaccinations are up to date, and he is healthy for his age, and a good weight.

Travelling:  Toby travels well in the car either secure on the back seat or in the boot. Once you stop, he will start his excited “we are going on a walk” bark and bounce about. He just loves walks and can easily walk for 3 miles or more.

Food: Toby likes his food, he eats a good quality kibble for seniors twice a day with a little soft food mixed in.  He eats slowly and lets his foster sisters steal his food. If rehomed with another dog they should be fed separately. He will also steal human’s food given the chance.

Sleep:  Toby sleeps in his own bed in the kitchen.

Behavioural issues:  Toby will steal food. He has a range of different barks depending what he wants. He is a nervous boy and needs an experienced owner who can recognise his doggy body language.

Home needs: Toby currently lives in a foster home with another two spaniels, so he would be fine in a home with other spaniels.  However, he would prefer a home all to himself as he loves being the centre of attention. He was originally the only dog in the house. He would prefer a quiet but active home with someone around most of the time, and regular interesting walks. He would be fine with older dog-savvy children. He would prefer to be the only dog but would be fine with another dog once properly introduced. He is generally quieter and barks less when he is the only dog.

Ongoing support: support will be available from Springer Rescue for Scotland and behavioural and training support can be offered if required.

Important Note: Toby will go to his new home with a contract to be neutered once he has settled in. Current advice from his vet is to let him settle and become more confident before neutering. He is an anxious boy.


If you have been home-checked or approved by email then please email with your name and postcode. If you haven’t applied yet but think I’m your perfect companion, please complete an application on the website and email  letting them know you have just submitted an application, giving your name and postcode.

Please ONLY contact us if you fit the required criteria.