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Name: Herbie

Ref No:  6001533

Location: Midlothian

Breed: Springer Spaniel, black & white

Age: 9 years

Gender: Male, neutered.

Good with Children: Yes, older,

Good with Dogs: Yes, has lived with other dogs

Good with Cats: Untested

Good with Livestock: Untested

Status: Available


Hello!  My name is Herbie and I’m a very affectionate black and white Springer Spaniel.


I love people! I’m very cuddly, and I love company and attention. And treats! I’m a bit overweight but I’ve been getting more exercise in foster so hopefully will start to lose a bit of weight, then maybe I can get more treats! I have become more active since I’ve been here.


I am a very strong boy, I pull a bit on the lead if I see something I’d like to investigate. I do walk calmly when there are no distractions. Like most Springers, I prefer to be off lead on walks, my recall is not bad, but could do with some work. I’m quite good unless I see people, food, or other dogs, and then I come back when I’m ready. I don’t stray too far though, and I keep an eye on you. I haven’t chased birds or squirrels since I’ve been in foster.


I am very clean in the house and will ask to go out when I need to. I love pottering in the garden. I’m not a great one for playing ball, but I like an occasional game of tug. I sometimes play with my foster siblings but I have to be careful not to be too boisterous as I have arthritic hips which I’m on medication for pain control.


I have been having some training in my foster home, and I would like to continue this in my forever home. We’ve been concentrating on ramp training for the car, heelwork, recall and scent work.


When I came into foster, my hips were quite sore, especially by the evening, and I would give the occasional growl or hard stare. This has diminished since I started pain medication so it is more than likely pain related and I need an understanding home where that behaviour isn’t punished but seen as communication of pain.


I’m happy to sleep on a couch in the lounge, and even sometimes on my own bed.



Note: Herbie is on Metacam and paracetamol for the pain in his hips, and this should be reviewed regularly. He needs regular gentle exercise. He may benefit from dietary supplements such as YuMove and/or Salmon Oil. Herbie has been muzzled in the vets while his hips have been examined and manipulated, but otherwise is very well behaved in the vets. It would help Herbie’s hips to lose some weight. Herbie also has a Grade 2 heart murmur which is not causing him any problems at the moment but will need to be monitored.


Financial assistance may be possible in relation to Herbie’s current health issues.


Herbie would like a calm, quiet home with a large garden to potter in, regular interesting walks, and lots of attention. He is a strong boy so needs someone who can manage him on the lead. He is a bit scared of very young children and toddlers, so older dog-savvy children /teenagers only. He could live with another friendly dog but would also be happy getting all the attention to himself.



If you have been home-checked or approved by email then please email with your name and postcode. If you haven’t applied yet but think I’m your perfect companion, please complete an application on the website and email  letting them know you have just submitted an application, giving your name and postcode.


Please ONLY contact us if you fit the required criteria.