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Hello, my name is Sam

Name: Sam
Ref No: 27001250

Location: Grampian: Aberdeenshire



Gender: Neutered MALE
Good with Children: NO
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: No
Good with Livestock: Untested, please ask
Status: Available

Dog's CV:   Hello everyone. I’m Sam, a 4 year old springer boy. As you can see from my picture I’m a bit of a handsome boy! I live with my 3 foster brothers just now, but my foster mum thinks I’d be better as an only dog for just now. I need an experienced Home with someone who has the time to help me reach my full potential. While I’ve been living in my foster home I’ve been learning different ways to deal with being overtired and overwhelmed. I’m getting the hang of going to my crate when I’m overtired, however, my foster mum still needs to guide me to my crate most of the time. After I’ve had a nap I’m usually quite settled. My foster mum has been putting me in my crate when I’m overwhelmed too, it gives my brain time to process all the exciting things that have happened. I still resort to my past learned behaviour a lot though. I will steal anything I can get my paws on. My foster mum does swap what ever I’ve pinched for a treat and most of the time I’ll quite happily give back my prize. My foster mum thinks that if I can have something to work my brain I won’t need to look for things to steal. I love to go out for a walk. I happily jump in the boot of the car. When I’m out for a walk I’m an absolute delight! My recall is excellent to both my name and to a whistle. I come running back as soon as I’m called as there is usually a tasty treat or some fuss as a reward. I’m very food motivated which my foster mum says will make my further training a bit easier. I’m happy to be left on my own for a few hours. I’m a very sociable young man who enjoys meeting people and other dogs. I would really like to chase the cat that lives here, and I like to chase bunnies when we’re out for a walk. I’ve seen cows when I’ve been out for a walk and they didn’t interest me at all. Overall, I’m a happy wee lad who just needs a wee bit of extra help to reach my full potential.I'm looking for an experienced owner who is willing to work with me and give me plenty time to settle in as I get anxious in new situations. My new owners need to be prepared to work with the lovely behaviourist who will provide ongoing support. If you think I’m what’s missing from you life (and sofa!) please get in touch. NOTE - if you are home-checked use the email below to note your interest. If you are not home-checked yet, please complete an online application found on our website.

Email us here for enquiries about Sam: aberdeenshire@springerrescuescotland.org