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COVID-19 Lock-Down Update 14th June 2020


OPTION 1: If you have already registered with us by filling in our application form AND you have been home-checked by one of our volunteers


  • Rehoming has already restarted and is going well!
  • We’re delighted to share that SIX dogs have already been rehomed since we lifted the restriction on rehoming on the 1st June.
  • You can find the dogs we have up for adoption below.


OPTION 2: If you have NOT REGISTERED with us by filling in our application form


  • We are now ready to open-up to new applications.
  • You can find the application form HERE.


The health and wellbeing of our dogs and our volunteers is at the heart of our organisation.


PLEASE NOTE: the guidelines may change without notice to keep in step with government policy, so do please keep checking back to our website.


The lockdown also means we are keeping dogs for longer in foster or in some cases kennels, which is adding to our costs. And of course, we are unable to do our usual fundraising at fairs and dog events.

You can help us by making a donation. Click the button below to see how you can help




If you have already registered with us  to adopt a dog and you have been homechecked and you see a dog on this page that you would like to know more about, please click the image, or the link below the dog's biography, and fill in the enquiry form.

Alfie Key Information
SRS Name: Alfie
Ref No: 10001139
Location: Strathclyde: Lanarkshire
Breed: Springer/Cocker Cross
Age: 5 Years, 4 Months ESTIMATE
Gender: Neutered Male
Good with Children: No
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: No
Good with Livestock: Yes
Status: Reserved
Alfie's CV: We are looking for a very special home for Alfie. Alfie was rehomed by us in 2017 but sadly returned to the rescue last year. Alfie has spent some time in a boarding kennel where he has undergone extensive assessment and he has adapted to this life very well, he also spends time in the home but can find the busy household stressful and likes to take himself off to a quiet place. When he sees a river, he is first in and last (reluctantly) out. He has no issues with being dried after being in water, and is now enjoying the attention that grooming brings, gentle and consistent grooming must be continued in his new home to allow this to keep improving. He does not like having ticks or burrs removed from his body / coat. He has adapted to kennel life well, and would do well in a kennel environment where he has regular exercise and some canine company, or in a home where he will have his own space to go off to and be left alone. Very keen to bring you a present on meeting you, loves to carry his tennis ball, or offer up a toy for a game of fetch, he must be the one to instigate this. While he will accept being petted when he first meets you - he is not the kind of dog who would or will ever be likely to welcome lots of petting unless he seeks it out on his terms. This may improve over time, but we can not say that with any certainty. If Alfie isn't comfortable it will be shown in body language rather than a growl or grumble, it is essential he has a home where he will be allowed to be a dog, rather than a typical family pet - he shows behaviour indicating that he has been physically manipulated in the past, he can be unsure and stare if he can't predict what your next move will be, his new home will have to really understand and appreciate this and make sure they see the signs and do not push him into a confrontation. Alfie does have a bite history - but this has always been predictable and preventable. Alfie is very much an own-dog, he does not need, nor like a lot of human contact. We would welcome enquiries from quiet households looking for a walking or hiking companion who also have a home with a space for him to be able to take himself off to and relax and sleep in peace and quiet. Or perhaps a kennel where Alfie could go to have his own space. If you are interested in adopting Alfie, please email the address below. Alfie will require a minimum of two visits before adoption, he is in foster in South Lanarkshire, and ongoing behavioural support will be provided by the rescue. To find out more about Alfie, please email us.

Email us here for enquiries about Alfie: enquiries@springerrescuescotland.org

Princess and Marley Key Information
SRS Name: Princess and Marley
Ref No: 28001368 & 28001369
Location: Central: Fife
Breed: English Springer Spaniel
Age: 10 Years, 1 Months ESTIMATE
Gender: Male and Female
Good with Children: Older
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Untested, please ask
Good with Livestock: Untested, please ask
Status: Reserved
Princess and Marley's CV: Marley and Princess are a bonded pair. They love being together and very rarely leave each other’s sides. Having grown up in kennels, they aren’t very familiar with living inside a house. We have been working on housetraining them and so rarely have accidents in the house now – but it takes watching them closely and letting them out regularly. They are both quiet dogs, only making noise when wanting to get out of their crate or when out playing. They both pull on their leads and are very strong. Marley’s recall is very good and he is quick to learn. Princess will follow Marley anywhere he goes. Marley jumps up to greet people but is being taught to sit down when wanting attention, instead of jumping. They are both very loving dogs. Marley will be very affectionate and craves human contact. Princess is more independent but when she feels more confident around you, will take space and ask for attention when she needs it. Marley will get jealous of attention being spent on other dogs (including Princess) and will jump up or push the other dog out of the way. They both travel very well in a car. The first two weeks will be difficult as they settle in. Once they are familiar with an environment they calm right down. Walking familiar routes will have them walking nicely and not pulling so much on the lead. They both pull less on a harness than on a lead. They love puddles and do not stay clean for very long. They are both happy to be showered and will sit nicely when you dry them off. They will follow you around but once you’re settled they quickly fall asleep. They love going for walks and chasing balls. Marley is being taught to sit when he wants you to throw the ball (although when excited will jump up) and Princess is being taught to drop the ball. Overall, they are loving amazing dogs that are learning how to settle into a new life. They still need to be taught “manners” but both are eager to learn. They need to be in a home that can be patient in teaching them how to live indoors. * Please do no note interest in SRS Princess and Marley unless you have been home-checked or had an email of approval*

Email us here for enquiries about Princess and Marley: enquiries@springerrescuescotland.org